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In April of 2003 I attended my first reptile show which was held at the Monona Community Center in Madison, WI with my best friend Steve. I’ve always wanted snakes but dislike the stink that mice produce, not to mention a queasiness at the prospect of feeding a higher life form to a lower one. I saw my first Crested (Now classified as: Correlophus ciliatus) geckos that day, and I was told that the geckos ate crickets. I figured feeding bugs to lizards (a lower life form to a higher one made sense to me) was definitely do-able. I went home that day and began trolling sites online and reading everything available about them and ordered my first 2 Crested (Now classified as: Correlophus ciliatus) geckos from Sandfire Dragon Ranch, back when Allen Repashy was still affiliated with them.

The day my geckos arrived by UPS was the first time I had ever touched, handled or held a gecko, and I was in love! I quickly learned that there was a complete meal powder available for them eliminating the need for stinky crickets. (In my experience, crickets have the perverse habit of dying off quickly in the commercially available enclosures that I've tried. Upon escaping, they will live under the refrigerator for 6 months, chirping wildly all night long.)

The first thing I did once I had my geckos installed in enclosures was to read and contribute to the Kingsnake Gecko forum. There I made the acquaintance of flamedcrestie. He was one of the more articulate and knowledgeable posters to that forum and I developed great respect for him. We began communicating thru our personal emails and I learned that he was Andrew Gilpin, a huge photographic talent. Eventually, Steve and I met Andrew and his then-girlfriend, Sarah, and became friends. When the Repashy Gecko Resource Forum was established, we started using that site.

In March of 2008 I lost my best friend Steve. Andrew and Sarah (now married) drove up from Iowa to spend a Sunday, either Easter or the Sunday after, with me, taking photos of my geckos to take my mind off my loss. When I decided to start keeping B. dubia roaches, Andrew gave me all the start-up information I needed. I have acquired some magnificent animals from Andrew and Sarah over the years and applaud their work. I have learned more from Andrew over the years than from any other individual breeder.

After successfully breeding R. ciliatus (crested) for several years, I decided to expand my collection to include R. auriculatus (gargoyle), R. chahoua (both Mainland and Pine Island), R. leachieanus (leachie) (localities: Nu Ana), R. sarasinorum (sara), and finally the R. trachyrhynchus trachycephalus (trachy). I now have breeding trios or pairs of each species and enjoy the uniqueness and differences of each. I make pets of each of my geckos and enjoy naming, handling, stroking, admiring and appreciating them. Every new egg that hatches fills me with the same excitement that Christmas morning used to when I was a kid.

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