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Roaches Piled up on each other. Gecko looking in the feed dish where the baby roaches are crawling around.

Blaptica dubia (a.k.a. Guyana orange spotted roach)

B. dubia is found throughout Central and South America including French Guyana. This species ranges in size from 42-50mm. B. dubia is a very popular feeder roach in Europe and has been increasingly popular in the U.S. This is my favorite roach by far. Very good breeders, long-lived, calm, and very little odor make this an excellent roach. If you’re looking for a feeder, look no further. Another thing I really like about this species is while mature males get full wings, females only have little stubs making them one of the easiest roaches to sex. This roach also delivers their offspring live; they do not lay eggs. Additionally, this roach is very mellow compared to the blaberus species and generally can be recaptured if they slip away since they don’t run as fast as the blaberus. Often during cleaning nymphs will play dead. This species is very easy to handle. These roaches usually reach adulthood in 3-5 months and then will live another 12-24 months. Males of this species have wings and can flutter, achieving an altitude of several feet so a lid is recommended for their bin.
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