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At this time, I am unwilling to ship geckos although I do ship roaches, weather / temp permitting. I prefer to deal with people by email and in person to be sure to find good homes for these animals. I make pets of each one, naming and handling them frequently and lovingly. Once I am assured that you share my intentions to take good care of them, my asking price becomes negotiable since my primary objective is their well-being. When you buy 2 or more, you definitely will get a break on the price. I attend the Tinley Park NARBC every October for the weekend (and possibly the spring one on Saturday), and am perfectly willing and able to meet you there with geckos or roaches. Other times of the year, if you live within a few hours of Janesville, WI, I am willing to meet you halfway.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to work something out.

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