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RHACODACTYLUS GECKOS, which come in six individual species common in the pet trade (auriculatus, ciliatus, chahoua, leachianus, sarasinorum, and trachyrhynchus), originally came from New Caledonia, located off the coast of New Zealand. There they resided in the treetops in rainforest-like conditions. Keep this in mind when setting up their enclosures.

Make the cage tall rather than wide, and decorate it with plastic vines, branches, cork tubes or slabs and even dowels. Also, the temperatures that they tolerate are much lower than one usually associates with reptiles. Rhacodactylus geckos like the same temperatures at which we are comfortable, between 65F and 80F. They can take temperatures in the low sixties for limited periods of time (as night-time in winter) if allowed to warm up to the mid-seventies during the day. They cannot tolerate heat much over 80F for any period of time. High temperatures stress them greatly, and they can die if exposed to temperatures over 90F for very long.

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