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R. leachianus
Nuu Ana

R. leachianus, also called giant geckos or leachies, are the largest known gecko species in the world. Some individuals can attain the size of a man's forearm. They come in various subspecies depending on which island they were found, such as Nuu Ana, Nuu Ami, Mt. Koghis etc. These geckos also have a rough-textured skin and various patterns, colors and markings. They, like the other species, have fairly shallow teeth, but these geckos have powerful jaws so they can inflict a little damage. Several of mine are territorial, and best handled outside of their cages where they are docile and tractable.

All photos have been taken by: Dennis J. Aitken except where noted on the photo itself.

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Joonbug length of 11" and 206 grams
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JZ length of 12".

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